Where the North Country Gets To Work

Anchorspace Potsdam, located on Market Street in Potsdam New York, can be anything from your occasional meeting spot to your full time office.


Let’s get to work.

I’m Nicole. I opened Anchorspace Potsdam in 2019 because I wanted to work outside my house. Besides providing workspace, we also have a virtual community with members from five states currently and regular professional development workshops

Our members are both self employed and remote workers trying to work smarter. If you like the quick chats in the break room without arguing who has to clean the fridge, coworking might be for you.

Who Uses Anchorspace?

Anchorspace is built for lots of different kinds of uses. Here’s some of the people we were thinking of when we started.

Trailing Spouses

You spouse has work colleagues, you can have some too!


Run a business? Don’t make your customers come to campus.

Business Owners

Hard to get work done with interruptions? Need an HR HQ?

Remote Workers

Home internet or cell signal getting you down? Come on over.

We got what you need.

Recording a podcast? Photographing products for your online store? Have a meeting without interruption? We have the tech and space so you can do your thing.

Don’t take our word for it.

From far flung members using our virtual membership to taking advantage of having a physical location, Anchorspace serves lots of people.
I gotta tell ya…. I LOVE my virutal Anchorspace memberhsip. Even though I’m a ‘solopreneur,’ it’s so great to feel part of a collective. Love the morning checkins and “pom” sessions!
Jennifer Hooper


COVID Precautions at Anchorspace

We are so excited to see NYS beginning to open for businesses and public venues! We want to keep moving forward safely by maintaining certain COVID precautions.

We’re taking your safety (and ours) seriously. So if you’re looking for a second place to go that isn’t your house, consider becoming a regular.

Mask use enforced (when not at work stations)

HEPA air purifiers

Socially Distanced Desks

Limited Access