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Want to use Anchorspace? Here are some of the possibilities:

Become A Community Member

We get it; you don’t need workspace (and maybe you don’t even live in Potsdam/Canton) but you want to be able to network with Anchorspace members; attend programs virtually; and promote your goods or services to an audience of local entrepreneurs. For $19/month, enjoy the perks of Anchorspace without paying for workspace you don’t need.

Become A Floating Member

If you’re a laptop user who comes and goes with your work, $199/month means you can come and go as you please with 24/7 Anchorspace Potsdam access and book the conference room for your occasional meeting. It’s kind of like a gym membership, but for your business/brain.

Become A Monthly Member

If you have a giant computer setup you dread hauling around, Anchorspace’s affordable monthly rate ($399 includes everything) and month to month agreement means you can have an office with your own dedicated desk. For these members, we can also give you your own firewall and otherwise help you get set up to do what you need to do.

At Anchorspace Potsdam, we seek to offer flexible, affordable, and professional space for working, meetings, and events. Contact us with your questions and ideas.