Book the Treatment Room

If you’re a Potsdam-based body worker looking to expand your home business or a bodyworker looking to test/grow your Potsdam area clients, consider renting our treatment room!

Our private room has a table in it, ready for you to do reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, and more!

Bring your own sheets (we have a laundromat in the building!) and start booking your appointments.


  • Accessible, central location with plenty of parking
  • Waiting area for clients
  • Dimmable room lights
  • Full bathroom (as needed)
  • Laundromat in the building for easy cleanup
  • Enjoy our comfortable coworking area in between appointments.
  • Allow your clients to book/pay online for your services*
  • Get additional marketing lift from mentions in our newsletter and social media*

*For monthly renters

The longer you book, the more cost effective it is but rates start at $49/day!